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Hello again!  It’s been a while since I’ve been in touch and I’m sorry! Life has just been crazy busy with the kids being out of school for the summer and such.  I’ve also been working on getting book 2 of the Forest Hollow series written and ready to be published. I had hit aContinue reading “SALE! <3”

It’s Release Month!

Happy May! It’s Release Month! Deny Me: Forest Hollow Book One releases this month and I couldn’t be more excited about it. I’ve been working really hard on this series and it’s coming out far better than I ever could have hoped. Though, to be honest, I had almost forgotten that I had a releaseContinue reading “It’s Release Month!”

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Amanda K. Mann is a Cali girl, born and raised. She’s the mother of two amazing children, both a son and a daughter, and a wife to an amazingly supportive and loving Marine husband. Which means she gets to move every three years or so. 

Animal lover and Supernatural addict, she spends most of her free time with her nose stuck in a book or typing away at some new idea that popped into her brain. Her blood type is caffeine and she is a sucker for cute otter pics.

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